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    Welcome to the Exam Request Application for the Disability Center. 


    Instructors - As of 1/5/2015, you will be able to log into the system to prepopulate data for your exams, quizzes and final exam.  You can supply the dates of your examinations as well as details for the administration of said examinations.  Upon to start of the term, you will be asked to indicate if a students has provided you with a copy of their accommodation memo as well as approve or deny student requests.


    Students - You will be expected to provide your instructor with a copy of your accommodation memo prior to submitting your requests.  Following this step, you will need to log in to submit your requests for your examinations providing our office a minimum of 9 days' notice.  If this notice is not provided, you will need to speak with your instructor to see if they will be able to accommodate your exam.  If they are unable to do so due to lack of notice, you will need to take your exam in class without your accommodations.


    REMINDER FOR ALL - All final exam requests which fall during week 16 of the term will need to be submitted by the end of day on Friday, April 17th.